Friday, November 16, 2012

Get Link Happy!

great modern cornucopia

Yay for Friday! Any plans? I am going to an all girl's cocktail party tonight. I have to be back early to put Claire to bed though. Maybe she will fall asleep super early and I can go after she is in bed. I'll cross my fingers! 

Here are some links to waste a little time:

Let's teach little girls to be engineers!

Breaking Bad fans, click here.

I could wear these every day. 

This wreath is the perfect combo of festive and modern. 

A bottle that filter your drinking water anywhere? Sign me up!

Can I live here

I want to be a member of this club

Someone invite me over for Thanksgiving and cook this please. 

What picture book would you gift?

Fun use for spray chalk

Are your feet cold?

Have a good weekend :)

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