Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Beary Sweet Introduction

It is about time you meet that sweet, cuddly, kind of dirty looking guy that appears on this blog at least weekly...

This is Beary.

Beary is good for practicing eyes, nose, and ears

Claire calls him Bear-Bear. He is the newest member of our family, and has been giving us good cuddles since Christmas last year. Claire had multiple other stuffed animals before she was born, and I had originally thought she might get attached to this crazy, fluffy cat. I even brought this cat to the hospital to meet Claire the same day that we did. 

the hospital bag

Well, as you could imagine, this thing got fuzzy stuff all over Claire, including her little mouth. See you later Cat! We will hang out when Claire gets bigger! So I went searching for the perfect animal to love up on my girl. I had a bear in mind since we call her ClaireyBear. I found Beary on and had him here by Christmas. I even slept with him a few times in attempt to get Claire to love Beary even more.

I put him in Claire's stocking (after Santa filled it of course). And he waited patiently for Claire all night.

It took a few months of having Beary nearby most of the day and laying with Claire while she was nursing. The rest is history, and she adores this bear. She will pick him out of a stack of stuffed animals and hug him like it has been years since they last saw each other. I like the thought of something that she can be attached to because I had BrightHeart when I was little. 

Here is BrightHeart, my old friend from my childhood. 

raggedy little fella, huh?

He now sleeps in Claire's crib with her, and she probably likes him second best. Is everyone laughing at BrightHeart's nightgown? I had a matching one growing up. Brilliant.

What do you think about attachment objects? Did you have one growing up? Danny had a blankie...shh! :)

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