Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day At The Zoo

I've had a love/hate relationship with the idea of taking Claire to the zoo since she was born. I haven't visited a zoo for at least 15 years and since then, my thoughts have changed a bit on the place. I wanted to let Claire see the animals that she knew how to make sounds for, but I hated the thought of confining wild animals.

Well, we decided to take Claire, and hoped for the best. We had a great day together, but Danny and I did walk away with a bit of a heavy heart. Some of the animals looked sad to us, particularly the koalas that were in small rooms with eucalyptus forests wallpapered on the walls, or the polar bear with brown fur moping around his uncharacteristic zoo habitat.

On a lighter note, Claire adored the flamingoes with their bright orange wings and the giraffes were amazing! Here are some photos from the day:

everyone else had the bright idea of going on Veteran's Day 
Danny and a crazy beard
on our way! 
Claire couldn't spot this at all
knock knock 

these guys looked way too much like humans
Claire loved getting so close to the giraffe!
we were wondering what happened to his horn...poor guy
these two made the day so fun. love them!


  1. Atascadero has a neat small zoo.

  2. Fun! Maybe we can do that when we come down for Thanksgiving :)

  3. A very nice zoo in Santa Barbara that Papa & I went to in 2008. Near the beach.