Friday, November 9, 2012

My Super Kiss!

I always thought it was silly that moms and dads would kiss their kids booboo to make it feel better. Call me insensitive, but before you have kids, your perception of kids and your role as a Super Parent is DRASTICALLY different. Well, in my case it was. I mean, who would have thought that my little ClaireyBear would be sleeping in between me and Danny every night?! I know I didn't! But she is and we (mostly) love the cuddle time.

Back to booboos. Now that Claire is running around everywhere we are experiencing quite a few OUCH moments over here. Recently she got hurt and I kissed the spot that was hurting (I don't remember where it was). She instantly stopped crying, smiled, and gave a little happy chuckle. I didn't even tell her that the kiss was supposed to magically make her stop hurting. It just happened, and now each time she smashes a finger or takes a little tumble, I kiss the booboo and she really is better!

My pre-mom self would have thought, umm there is no way a kiss could literally make that scraped knee feel better...

Now, I think it is so sweet that a kiss from Mom could make my girl happy. Oh how motherhood changes us!

this morning when Claire woke up 

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