Friday, November 23, 2012

To Grandmother's House We Went

eucalyptus trees on the side of 101 (my favorite part of the drive) source

Yesterday we made the trip to San Luis Obispo and back to spend Thanksgiving with my grandparents. It was Claire's first time there and we had such a great time visiting, eating, relaxing, and chasing Claire around. We were worried about the six hours of driving (there and back) but Claire was a champ and a joy to ride in the car with. As long as she was rocking out to Elizabeth Mitchell (or pretending to conk me in the head with her push toy) she was as happy as a clam.

It was actually great to be in the car. I usually get car sick (lame, I know) but everything went smooth and Danny and I were able to have some quality time together. Since Claire was strapped in tight in the backseat listening to her tunes, we were able to have some great conversations. 

We talked about California and how the scenery is breathtaking. About how we are lucky to have grown up and be living here right now. Sometimes San Jose can seem dull, and I often long for something more exciting. But when we are driving through eucalyptus forests and smelling the ocean while driving on highway 101, the monotony of the place seems to fade and I feel a sense of pride in my state. It really is so beautiful, and it was nice to take the time to appreciate that yesterday.

Danny droned on and on about John Steinbeck and how he described the landscapes we were driving through in his novels. I love to hear him talk about literature because he gets so incredibly excited and passionate. Danny dreamed out loud about the novel he is writing in his head. We brainstormed and laughed and interrupted and sat in silence, thinking about the many things we want to accomplish in the future. 

We talked about this blog and what I am doing and why I am doing it. We rattled off ideas for posts and my vulnerabilities. I love Danny because he is such a cheerleader for me. He is so supportive and encourages me to "just have fun" while writing. Thanks Danny :)

Claire snored (we are all sick with a cold) in the back and we giggled and bragged about how sweet she is. We can't be the only parents who do this, right? We love her so much, sometimes we can just sit and have a conversation about how much we love her. 

We are happy to be home now and enjoying this extra long weekend! Hope you guys are enjoying it too :)


  1. I loved that Claire seemed to enjoy exploring our home and yard. She was right at home. Love being with family and friends for Thanksgiving. Grandma Evie

    1. It was fun Grandma! We need to come again soon :)