Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Weekend in Photos

We had a busy weekend. I felt like I baked my life away in the kitchen, Danny was cooped up writing nine essays for school, and Claire was busy being proud of her new trick: walking backwards! Each diaper change today was a silly game of me crawling to get her as she twinkle toed backwards with the cunning little smirk on her face. That little sneakster. :)

She seems to be growing so fast in the last week. She recently started saying "Mama!" to get my attention instead of just for fun. I can't help but laugh when she starts crying after a nap, then quickly realizes that she an just call my name instead. "Mama!" I love it.

Claire is an imperfect sleeper to put it nicely, but she had an awful time getting used to daylight savings day today. Hopefully things will even out a bit more tomorrow. A few friends on Facebook made jokes about how the days of enjoying an extra hour of sleep when we "fall back" for daylight savings time are a distant memory once you become a mom. I couldn't agree more! How do your kids adjust to the time change?

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