Saturday, November 3, 2012

Night On The Town

Danny and I try to go on a date once a week. Sometimes we let it go two weeks before we get some adult time, but we give it a good college try to get out each week, just the two of us. This is especially important to me since I am Mama all day, every day. I really do forget that I am more than just Claire's mom. That I am Danny's wife too (sorry Danny!) It is really hard for me to be away from Claire for very long, but sometimes I think it is good for me. Not only for me, but for me and Danny as a couple.

Yesterday I called Danny and asked him what he had planned for our date that night. Every time we go out we just pick something on a whim and get going. Usually to dinner. But yesterday I called Danny and asked him what special things we were doing for our "big date" that night. He was kind of backed into a corner at first (woops!) but quickly got excited and said, "okay, sounds good I will plan everything, gotta go!" I was so excited with anticipation all day! It didn't matter really matter what we were going to do, all that mattered was that it really really felt like a date this time. I hadn't been surprised with a date since we first started dating (the second time around - more on that later).

We even took the light rail downtown. I felt like I was in high school again. Thrilling to say the least!

We made our stop and headed to dinner at Gordon Biersch. We wanted something quick since we had missed our first train and needed to be in our seats in a little over an hour. We ate garlic fries and had bad breathe for the rest of the night. Yuck!

After dinner we went to the San Jose Repertory Theatre to see Freud's Last Session.

The play wasn't necessarily mind blowing, and we sat in the furthest seats from the stage to save some bucks, but it was such a good time.

The best part of the night was holding hands and watching the play with our heads together. It was sweet and for the first time in a while it felt like we were on a giddy little date. You done good, Danny.

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