Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Claire's Visit With Santa

Danny went into work late on Thursday so he could come with me to take Claire to meet Santa, again. We went last year and much to my surprise, Claire didn't cry (she never liked strangers holding her). She just sat there on his lap and stared the camera down like she was figuring out how to grab it and chuck it at me for setting her there on that crazy man's lap.

This year, I thought she would be a little skeptical of him. I thought she would sit there and tolerate it for a second. Nope. It wasn't happening. 

I handed her to Santa, who tried to cradle her like she was a 3 month old baby. She hated it. She grabbed a huge chunk of my hair and I couldn't move away for the photographer to take the picture. By the time I pried my hair out of her hand, she was so upset. I felt so bad for her. But within eight seconds, she was out off Santa's lap, in my arms, and giving him high fives and knuckles. She spent the next ten minutes about 15 feet away from him, waving and smiling as he took photos with other kids. Claire is so funny. Love her!

People keep telling me that they love her Santa picture this year. Claire even loves it. She can spend an hour looking at it, pointing to Santa, and saying WOW. At least she wasn't traumatized! :)

Forgive me for taking a photo of the photo...our computer is broken and we can't upload her photo cd! 

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