Friday, December 21, 2012


Here we are last night. We went on a train ride at Vasona Park to see the Fantasy of Lights! :)

Here are a few other things I am up to:

Reading: My husband, Danny is completely head over heels in love with literature. At any given moment he would jump at the chance to give me a recommendation for a book to read. He has been reading a bunch of books for classes lately and told me I should read The Keep next. I am now a slow reader thanks to a little babe named Claire so it will probably take me a while to finish it. I just started it so don't hold your breath for a book review anytime too soon!

Watching: I am re-watching two tv series right now thanks to our beloved Netflix. How ridiculous is that? Do normal people actually re-watch something tv shows? I am re-watching Brothers and Sisters during the day while Claire sleeps, and Danny and I are watching Breaking Bad at night together. I finished Breaking Bad a while back, but since Danny takes much longer to finish shows due to his extremely heavy eyelids, I told him I would watch with him. Brothers and Sisters appeals to my family-drama-that-makes-me-cry-almost-every-episode side while Breaking Bad has my jaw dropping the whole time. I LOVE them both. Twice.
Claire and I are also watching Elf a bunch. Her favorite parts are when Buddy the elf burps for...ever and when he is dancing in the mail room. I think we are watching it for the 10th time today? I can't get enough of this movie.

Listening to: Christmas on Pandora! We have the Kids Christmas station and the regular old Christmas station on during the day around here. The only drawback to the Kids Christmas station is when Alvin and the Chipmunks comes on. No! They are not welcome in my home. Their voices make me want to rip my ears off. Anyone else?
We also listen to Elizabeth Mitchell in the car. Claire is getting another one of her cds for Christmas so we can mix it up a bit. And to answer that nagging question about if I ever listen to grown up music...the answer is rarely. New Years resolution perhaps? I just might think so...

Thinking about: Yesterday I was researching the historical background of Christmas. I wanted to know who started the holiday and when. I was intrigued by the information I found about how Christmas originated as a non-religious celebration of the lengthening of the days during winter solstice. Fascinating! It left me thinking about what I would like to convey to Claire and any other kids we may have in the future about the meaning of Christmas. Historically Christmas is so different than anything that most families celebrate today. So does this mean that I don't want my family to celebrate it because the world has strayed from the roots of this winter celebration? No. I absolutely adore Christmas. I love it because of all the things the holiday meant to me as a child and growing up. To me, the Christmas season represents family, giving, renewal, remembrance, and even youth. Even if I do not agree with why or how Christmas was brought about, I agree with spreading the love and taking special time during the year to gather and celebrate each other along with the magic that comes with Santa as a child, and as a parent. Christmas really is magical and contagious! I love it.

Excited for: Today is my dad's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!) We are doing the unthinkable for an around Christmas birthday. We are combining his birthday celebration with a Christmas get together with my Grandma and Papa (Mom's side). He doesn't mind though. We are doing an early dinner and then exchanging gifts and hanging out together. I am really excited because not only do we all get to be together, but I feel like the holidays are really taking off. Each year when my dad's birthday rolls around, the days that follow until Christmas move quickly and are jam-packed with family and fun. Can't wait! :)

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