Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Our Gingerbread House Night

I stocked up on some candy at Target today, but decided to swing by Whole Foods to grab an already assembled gingerbread house. I felt a little guilty for not baking the pieces of gingerbread myself and making this homemade holiday castle, but the guilt didn't last long. Fifteen bucks for a great quality gingerbread house that smelled delicious sounds like a steal to me! 

While we were at Whole Foods, an employee walked up to us and gave us a bag of groceries. Danny was excited to say the least and he kept insisting that we won the groceries based on his good looks. I think it was because Claire looked really cute or something. The produce department was handing out a bag of groceries every half hour from 4-8pm today and they picked our family today. We got $40 worth of groceries and we were pretty happy about it!

way too excited

Danny loves that cinnamon sugar kettlecorn, and I was grateful for the horseradish. I never buy it because Danny doesn't like it, but I will definitely put it to good use. I'm thinking ham is in our near future. And yes, that is smoked salmon.

Claire was most excited about the tangerines. She had never had one before. 

I think the peels were her favorite. Every time she tried to take a bite she would just get that sour look on her face, like she would never ever do that again. Then she would taste it again a few seconds later.

Next came the decorating! We didn't have much time since Claire had been ready to konk out for the last two hours. She was a trooper though...and a bit confused about why we were were slathering icing on this house and sticking candy to it. She got into it after a few minutes. 

placing the gummy bear shingles

she just loves to count "duh, doo, DAH!"

cookies and creme covered pretzels

our cotton candy icing looked amazing at first. when we came back from putting claire to bed it had disintegrated

that sweet, welcoming front door

This wasn't just Claire's first gingerbread house, it was mine too! I am happy that we got to share that together, even if we were finished in about 20 minutes. Claire's favorite part was the Kids Christmas station on Pandora. We are checking off our advent calendar holiday activities day by day! Now Danny and I are going to sit back with our stomach aches. :)


  1. I love how excited you are. Claire is adorable. My son just developed a love for oranges so I thought I'd get him those cute little ones.. he no longer likes them. Though he has tried to eat the peel a few times.

  2. I still remember seeing a gingerbread house for the first time when I was just a little girl. It was at my Mom's friends house when I lived in Guerneville,CA in the 1940s. I wanted one.

  3. Nice gesture of Whole Foods to give out food. I liked the salmon and (like Claire) those tangerines look good. Grandma Evie