Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Stocking Tradition

When Danny and I got married, we decided to carry over a couple traditions that his family used to do around Christmas. One of my favorite traditions is writing little notes to put in every family member's stocking each year. One night (usually Christmas Eve) we sit down and each write a little note with nice things about each person in our family and stick it in their stocking for them to read on Christmas morning (after dig get through all the toys, candy and toothbrushes that Santa has brought for them). Then, after all is said and done, they get stuffed back in the stocking along with past years notes to be read again for the years to come. The stockings at Danny's parents house have so many sweet notes in them. It is so great to look back and reread them every year. They spark memories and are such a great way to bring the family together. Thanks Beesley family for passing down such a great tradition (among others) to our little family! :)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I have a feeling ours will be wet, and I will be thinking of things to do with Claire indoors. This week has been slow on posts, but I was a little burned out trying to post at least once a day in attempt to keep my November goal. I needed to catch up on a little sleep too as Clairey has been happy to wake at 5 every morning lately. Speaking of November goals, I have one day to paint our living room. Darn.

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