Saturday, November 10, 2012

November Goals

1. Post an entry every day to my blog.
This is a must. If I miss one day, I will start to think about quitting. I want to keep this up because not only am I having fun documenting my life and interests, but I feel like one day, I will really be grateful to look back on the memories I shared here.

2. Keep fresh flowers in the house.
I don't know about you, but flowers really do brighten my day. I think they especially help when the seasons change and it starts getting dark at 5 o'clock. I linger at the floral section at Whole Foods each time I go grocery shopping. Yeah, they are sometimes a bit expensive, but I love bringing some living decor into the house. This is definitely a goal directed at my own interests. Normally, I would rather spend flower money on something more necessary, but this month I am allowing myself to splurge a bit. 

3. Makeover patio. 
Our patio is small. Currently it is used as storage for an old highchair, multiple vacuums, clothes Claire has grown out of, etc. We have been meaning to put some time into fixing it up for a while, but it always gets moved to the back burner to make room for something more important. Even though it is starting to get cold outside, we still want to spruce it up. Who knows, maybe even add a heater to keep it warm and toasty!

4. Paint the living room.
This is a pretty big goal considering it will take a lot of effort on all of our parts. The painting part is easy peasy. Choosing a color and actually getting out of the apartment for a weekend would be the hard part. Guess we need to talk to my parents soon and let them know we will be crashing there. Surprise Mom and Dad!

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