Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Weekend in Photos

the weekly Beary
Claire stored her breakfast in her play oven. hippo and oranges on the menu, eh? mmm
inspector Claire with the magnifying glasses
she would lick one, then set it aside
Philz Coffee is my current obsession
Claire is my little photographer
munchin on my Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies
It was a good weekend. Today we can cross off one of my goals from yesterday. We cleared the patio of all of our TONS of crap and took it to storage. Swept and layed some outdoor carpet. Shopped a bit and now we have an almost complete patio! Pictures will follow soon.

I am writing this post as we sit outside in 47 degree weather bundled up in multiple sweatshirts and blankets...and enjoying some amazing almond toffee by R&J and a bottle of moscato. Highly recommended! Cheers to a productive day and some yummy dessert. The only thing that would make this better would be if we could continue this tomorrow. Oh wait! We can, happy early Veteran's Day!

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